A multidisciplinary and experienced team

Institute for Regional Development Foundation - FIRR

Foundation, Poland

Institute for Regional Development Foundation (FIRR) - fundamental mission is to ensure balanced social and economic development, the transfer of innovative solutions and support to business, administration and NGOs in introduction and use of modern technologies.

Culture without Barriers

Foundation, Poland

Culture without Barriers is an independent non-governmental organisation dedicated to rescuing and preserving cultural heritage.

Artisan Workshops Perugia

Cultural association

In 2009, the cultural association “Artisan Workshops of the Historic Centre” was established in the historic centre of the city of Perugia, thanks to the insight of its President, Maria Antonietta Taticchi, and its members who, with their artistic artisan activities, characterized by tradition and innovation, promote craftsmanship in its widest and most evolved form. The association focuses on activity planning, gives impulse to artisan work, carried out within the historic centre, an ideal setting due to its historical artistic importance,and is committed to diffusing, safeguarding and publicizing culture, the skills of craftsmen and their products.

Archaeological Group of Perusia

Affiliated with the Association of Archaeological Groups of Italy (G.A.I.)

Aims to identify, ascertain, protect and enhance the heritage of Cultural and Environmental Heritage (archaeological, architectural, environmental, artistic, historical, archival, library, anthropological and geological demo) of the Perugia territories and collaborating with the Authorities in charge.

Culture Polis

Private non-profit organisation based in Corfu, Greece belonging to the Civil Society Organisations – CSOs).

Operates mainly in Europe and the Mediterranean Basin. Its main aim is to contribute – through research, analysis, debate and dialogue, as well as targeted action in information / awareness raising on issues related to: - culture and the arts in the broadest sense- intercultural dialogue and the promotion of different cultural identities - sustainability in all its facets - promoting innovative approaches and new technologies in society and economy - the creative economy and entrepreneurship

Regional historical museum – Pleven

Situated in the central part of the Danube plain, Pleven has gained its permanent place in our national memory from the ancient times to nowadays.

The museum exposition opened in 1984 is displayed in an impressive building of architectural and historical value. The building was built in 1884-1888 after an Italian desine. The exposition is arranged in 24 halls. Its main sections are: Archeology (prehistory, antiquity and Middle Ages), Ethnography, Bulgarian Revival, Russo-Turkish War 1877-1878 and the Epopee of Pleven 1877, New and Contemporary history, Nature. The museum has total area of more than 8000 m2, containing and over 7500 museum valuables over 200 thousand museum objects.